About GreenBRIDGE

Green Buildings, Innovation, Sustainable Design, Governance, Clean Energy

GreenBRIDGE is a society of graduate researchers at the University of Cambridge with an interest in the sustainability of the built environment. Research topics within the group include:

  • Green building and green retrofitting
  • High-density housing
  • The roles of heritage and conservation in cities
  • Sustainable design and eco-innovation
  • Low-carbon energy (energy decarbonisation)

If you are interested in hearing about our events, joining our society or presenting your research, please see the Get Involved section. If you are interested in how the society is governed, please look at our constitution (183 KB PDF).

GreenBRIDGE is now part of the Collegiate Energy Association.

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GreenBRIDGE is supported by the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH)
To find other student groups with an interest in the environment or other ethical issues in Cambridge, please visit:


Annual reports

GreenBRIDGE Annual Report 2009-2010 revised (204 KB PDF)

Why is our logo a pink bridge?

You may be asking yourself why, when our name is GreenBRIDGE, we have chosen a pink bridge in our logo. No, our graphic designer isn’t colour blind. We chose pink because it is bright, fresh and, as a shade of red, a complementary colour to green. This reflects the approach we aim to take towards sustainability.

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